In his speech Friday at the Values Voter Summit, Paul Ryan told attendees that Mitt Romney will defend marriage, a reference to Romney's opposition to gay marriage.

“For most of us, it was settled long ago that our rights come from nature and nature's God, not from government,” Ryan said.

“A disregard for rights … a growing government and a static economy … a country where everything is free but us: This is where it is all trending.”

“But my friends, that road has an exit, just ahead, and it is marked 'Tuesday, November 6, 2012.'”

“We can be confident in the rightness of our cause, and also in the integrity and readiness of the man who leads it.”

“He's solid and trustworthy, faithful and honorable. Not only a defender of marriage, he offers an example of marriage at its best.”

Ryan was Friday's keynote speaker at the conference hosted by the Christian conservative group Family Research Council (FRC).

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Romney was among the Republican candidates who last summer signed a National Organization for Marriage (NOM) pledge in support of a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

(Watch Ryan's entire speech at C-SPAN.)