Ellen DeGeneres welcomed gay student Jordan Addison on the season 10 premier of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Addison, a sophomore student at Radford University in Virginia, had his car vandalized four times between March and May. Vandals keyed homophobic slurs into the side of the car, including the word “die.”

The Quality Auto Paint and Body shop organized a drive to repair Addison's car for free. The shop gave the car new tires, a new paint job, tinted windows, a security system and a new stereo, an estimated $10,000 worth of upgrades and repairs.

DeGeneres invited both Addison and Richard Henegar Jr. the manager at Quality Auto Paint and Body, to her show.

“Knowing that it's not safe for me to park my car because of my sexual orientation – it's awful,” Addison said. “It makes me not even want to leave the house.”

On the repairs to his car, Addison said: “It blew my mind. It's above and beyond everything I could have imagined, and for somebody to do something this great for someone they've never even met before – it's phenomenal.”

“It felt great to give him his car,” Henegar said. “I just wanted to help him out.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)