During a campaign stop in Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden assured a lesbian couple that they would be able to marry someday.

Accompanied by his sister, Valerie, and longtime friend Ted Strickland, Ohio's last Democratic governor, Biden toured the state by car last weekend.

At a stop in Portsmouth, he told the crowd: “This is kind of like coming home. I feel really comfortable here. I've been here a lot – and I plan on coming back a lot.”

Biden hit at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, during his two-day swing across southern Ohio.

In Chillicothe he dropped in at the local Obama for America office, where Cathy Pool, 48, told the vice president that she could not marry her partner of nearly 25 years, Mendy Yates.

“It's going to happen,” Biden assured the women.

Pool, a nurse, told the AP that Biden's words “meant everything in the world to me.”

“It's nice to be acknowledged,” she added.