A scene in which Pope Benedict XVI blesses two Bel Ami gay porn models will be included in an upcoming film from the studio.

According to Bel Ami founder George Duroy, viewers will see the pope blessing the main actors in the gay porn film Scandal in the Vatican. Duroy said the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church was not aware that the men were porn actors, Gay Star News reported.

The film stars Trevor Yates, who posted pictures on Facebook of himself dressed as a priest in Vatican City along with the message: “Mine is not the usual career path to get to the church. Came here through the adult industry.”

In response to the news, a The David Pakman Show viewer said: “The headline reading Pope Benedict is blessing gay porn actors is a moral improvement over what the Catholic Church is normally doing with sex. After all, blessing two consenting adults is far better than violating little boys.”

Scandal in the Vatican is expected to debut in September.