Transgender porn model Buck Angel has launched a dating site which caters to transgender men.

In an editorial in The Huffington Post, Angel said he created because “there was still no special dating site catering to the unique needs of transmen.”

“You can't necessarily tell a transman from any other kind of man in social situations; so many FTMs are uncomfortable with meeting people in bars and clubs,” Angel wrote. “Why? Well the question of disclosure can be a tricky one. How and when should the subject com up? Simply tossing out, 'By the way, did you know I was born female?' may not always go over well. However, a dating site that caters specifically to this type of clientele completely eliminates the need to deal with those awkward and potentially unpleasant encounters.”

Angel said he met his wife, professional body piercer Elayne Angel, over ten years ago in an online group and that she was actively looking to date a transgender man.

“We were able to connect on the basis of this consideration, rather than in spite of it,” he said.

Angel added that the site was possible due in part to the growing openness and acceptance of transgender issues.