Derek McCoy, executive director of Maryland Marriage Alliance, has accused supporters of the state's gay marriage law of intimidating voters.

McCoy's group is leading the attempt to repeal marriage equality in Maryland. It blocked the law from taking effect when it filed 115,000 voter signatures with the State Board of Elections to put the law up to a popular vote in November.

On Tuesday, gay weekly the Washington Blade posted the names and addresses of petitioners to the referendum.

Speaking to, McCoy said the result was a campaign of intimidation.

“On the people that actually signed the petition, they got the records from the Board of Elections,” he said. “And in addition to Google mapping them out, they have actually started going to people's addresses and having conversations with people at the address to tell them that they are haters. [They] knock on their door and try and intimidate them to go the other way and give them their long story about their personal saga about their life selection.”

Supporters are trying everything they can “to intimidate people if they can't win them fairly.”