Thomas Beatie has filed for a divorce from his wife of 9 years, Nancy Beatie.

Beatie grabbed headlines in 2008 when he gave birth to his first child, Susan Juliette. Two more children, Austin Alexander and Jensen James, followed.

Beatie, a beauty queen in his former life, had sex reassignment surgery in 2002, but opted to keep his reproductive sexual organs. He then legally changed his birth certificate from Tracy to Thomas and married Nancy, a divorced mother of two, in 2003. The couple decided he should get pregnant after learning that Nancy was unable to bear another child due to a hysterectomy.

He recently underwent final gender reassignment surgery.

And while Thomas was officially recognized as a man before he married Nancy, the Phoenix judge handling the divorce has questioned the validity of their marriage because Thomas had female sex organs at the time of their Hawaii marriage.

“I'm fully recognized as a legal male through my driver's license, Social Security and passport, birth certificate and in Hawaii I married Nancy as husband and wife,” Thomas Beatie said Tuesday on cabler HLN's Dr. Drew. “[I]n the eleventh hour the judge is now questioning whether or not this case is within jurisdiction. Whether or not he wants to even grant us a divorce.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)