CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and boyfriend Ben Maisani have an “open relationship,” reported Gatecrasher, a New York Daily News blog.

The tidbit comes as photos of Maisani kissing another man in a New York City park were published on Sunday in the UK's the Daily Mail.

Cooper, 45, long rumored to be gay and in a relationship with Maisani, discussed his sexual orientation for the first time last month, saying in an e-mail that he was proud and gay.

Cooper and Maisani, the 39-year-old owner of gay bar Eastern Bloc in Manhattan's East Village, are believed to have been in a relationship since 2009. According to unconfirmed reports, the pair are engaged to be married.

Gatecrasher quotes an unnamed source as saying that Cooper and Maisani have an “open relationship.”

“The pictures are what's making it a big deal,” the insider said, referring to the publicity the photographs are generating.

(The steamy photos at The Daily Mail.)