Democrats meeting in Detroit on Saturday approved adding a gay marriage plank to the 2012 Democratic Party platform.

The Democratic Party Platform Committee unanimously approved the platform drafting committee's proposed language drawn up last month in Minneapolis.

Democrats meeting in Charlotte on September 3 will ratify the platform.

The plank, titled Freedom to Marry, calls for “equal respect, responsibilities and protections under the law” for all families. It also calls for passage of the Respect for Marriage Act, which would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the 1996 law which forbids federal agencies from recognizing the legal marriages of gay and lesbian couples.

Evan Wolfson, founder and president of Freedom to Marry, praised the move.

“Today's vote to include language supporting the freedom to marry in the Democratic Party's National Platform is a victory for fairness and families, and a historic moment long in the making,” Wolfson said in a statement. “Support for the freedom to marry puts the party on the right side of history, and in the solid mainstream of the majority of the American people. Freedom to Marry applauds the Democratic Party for its fidelity to bedrock American values of the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and justice for all, and for its vision of an America that respects all families and honors commitment and love.”