Actor Skyler Stone and comedian Mike Smith made out at a Chick-Fil-A restaurant to protest the fast-food chain's opposition to gay marriage.

After conservatives flooded the eateries in support of CEO Dan Cathy's remarks, gay rights activists staged a kiss-in counter demonstration.

Stone (Hostel 3, Raising Hope, For Your Consideration) recruited Second City comedian Smith to join the protest.

“I love the gays,” Stone said in a video posted on YouTube. “I got no beef with the gays. I like gay people so much that me, Skyler Stone, a heterosexual male, most of the time, Mike Smith, South side Chicago, definitely 110 percent heterosexual male. We are going to make a statement. We are going to go in there and we are going to kiss.”

The men were cheered on as they sloppily made out at the front of the line. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)