Matt Hasselbeck, quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, has said he would support an openly gay teammate.

The 36-year-old Hasselbeck said in an interview with gay blog that he believes three out of the four quarterbacks on the Titans rooster would be okay with a gay teammate.

“The quarterback room conversation was that, 'Hey, has anybody played with an openly gay teammate?' And nobody had,” Hasselbeck said. “And it's kind of irrelevant to the discussion in terms of how we would view that person as a teammate or how we would view that person as a friend, or how we would trust that person.”

“But I think, at least for the three quarterbacks in our room, it was kind of a shrug, yeah, so what?”

Hasselbeck, brother of ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck, who is married to The View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, added that coming out gay in the NFL would be brave.

“Statistically, it's a fact that any of us who played in the NFL for a period of time has played with a gay teammate,” he said. “That's just a fact. If somebody came out, I think it would be brave of him, because of what the culture has been. But I'm sure we all have.”