Major League Soccer (MLS) is ending its strategic partnership with the Boy Scouts of America.

The partnership, announced in January, included numerous cross-promotions, including holding “Scouts Nights” at MLS games and giving local troops discounted tickets. Players also visited local troops to discuss fitness and leadership, and individual Scouts were recognized during games for notable achievements.

“Major League Soccer's agreement with the Boy Scouts of America expires at the end of the 2012 season and MLS does not intend to renew the agreement for a variety of business reasons,” Mark Abbott, president of MLS, said in a statement given to on Friday.

The decision came just two days after the Boy Scouts announced it was upholding its ban on gay scouts and leaders. The organization said it was upholding the policy after conducting a confidential two-year review.

Deron Smith, the Scouts' national spokesman, told the AP that an 11-member committee concluded that the gay ban is “absolutely the best policy” for the organization.

The MLS did not specifically cite the gay ban in announcing its decision.