Cabler AMC's new unscripted series Small Town Security features Lt. Dennis Croft, a transgender military man.

According to the show's description, Small Town Security “explores the real life of a small, family-run security and private investigation company in Ringgold, Georgia called JJK Security.”

The show revolves around Joan Koplan (the “Chief”), who is described as “Wildly – and hilariously – inappropriate, she is worshiped by her team.”

Speaking to gay glossy The Advocate, Croft, who has three boys from a former marriage, said the marriage did not break down because of the transition.

“I did not lose my spouse because of my transition,” Croft said. “I lost because I would no longer just follow. They wanted to rule and be directive in my life the way they saw it even though it was wrong for me. I did have identity issues for years, but my transition began much later, by eight years after the divorce.”

He added that he's received overwhelming support.

“I haven't really felt a change. Those who know me and about me haven't flinched. I found that surprising. It has not been what I expected of others and I see that folks are not the typical haters of my kind that I thought. The South has grown up from the childish games of prejudice.”

(A clip from the show in which Croft is revealed to be transgender is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)