Texas Governor Rick Perry has suggested that legalizing gay marriage will impact the economy negatively.

Perry, who dropped his bid to become the GOP nominee for president in January, appeared last month on Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson, a production of the conservative think tank Hoover Institute.

The 62-year-old Perry answered questions from host Peter Robinson in front of a live audience at The Stephen F. Austin International Hotel in Austin, Texas.

When Robinson asked, “On social issues, is Texas a special case or once again a model and an example for the nation itself?” Perry defended his positions on “traditional marriage” and abortion.

“Those are values, and actually they're values that from my perspective they can't be equivocated. I mean you're either for traditional marriage or you're not. You're either for protecting innocent life or you're not.”

“The issue of traditional marriage is one that continues to bubble forward. And I happen to believe that if you're going to have a society that is successful – economically or otherwise – you're going to have to have values that you attach that society to.”

“I suspect that issue is not going away. But just because you share a different view or you are flexible on the issue does not mean that God has changed his mind about it.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)