Argentina President Cristina Fernandez on Monday personally delivered new identity cards to people who transitioned their genders, saying equality matters.

Congress overwhelmingly approved the nation's new gender identity law, which allows anyone to switch his or her gender without first seeking the approval of a judge or a doctor. The law took effect last month. It also extends government health coverage to include gender reassignment surgery.

Fernandez celebrated passage of the law with a ceremony held at The Pink House, gay blog Blabbeando reported.

“Today is a day of tremendous reparations,” she told the crowd. “Today we do not shout for liberation but instead we shout for equality, which is just as important as freedom.”

“I do not want to use a word that bothers me greatly: Tolerance. No. I do not believe in 'tolerance.' To tolerate is to say, 'I'll allow you to be because I have no other choice.' I want to talk about equality and I want to talk about all of you who will now have the same rights I have enjoyed from the moment I was born and the rights that so many millions of Argentinians have enjoyed from the moment they were born. This is the society we want.”

Argentina legalized gay marriage in 2010.