Country music singer Chely Wright believes Anderson Cooper's coming out was “perfect.”

The 45-year-old Cooper discussed his sexual orientation for the first time in a lengthy e-mail published Monday on Andrew Sullivan's blog The Dish. The CNN anchor said he was proud to be gay.

Wright, whose 2010 coming out process was documented in the film Wish Me Away, appeared Tuesday on CBS This Morning.

“I think it's perfect the way he did it,” Wright said. “I think … it was perfectly Anderson.”

“I think he gave a genuine response," she said. "Andrew Sullivan reached out to him, said 'do you have comments on this article?' And he gave a genuine response and said, 'And by the way, share this with your readers.' I don't think in any way it was a cowardly move, a sneaky, get-it-under-the-radar-on-a-holiday-weekend. I thought it was just a real genuine, human response to a question asked, and I think, you know, I'm certainly – I can't say what Anderson Cooper thinks – but I would imagine that at some point recently, he probably said to himself, 'Why am I not out? Why haven't I not done this? OK, I'll just do it.”

(Watch the entire segment at CBS Morning Show.)