Magic Johnson has said he believes there will be a cure for AIDS.

The 52-year-old Johnson announced in 1991 that he had tested positive for HIV, the virus which causes AIDS, and that he would retire from the NBA immediately.

In a wide-ranging videotaped interview with The Wall Street Journal, Johnson cited improvements in HIV treatments as a reason to hope for a cure.

“I think there will be a cure one day. In my lifetime? I don't know,” Johnson told The Wall Street Journal's Lee Hawkins. “Because the medicine has grown so much. Twenty years ago when I announced, there was one drug, AZT. Now you have over 30 drugs. The drugs have gotten better and better. And so, it's easier to take them now. Twenty years ago, it wasn't easy to take them.”

Johnson added that he was feeling “great.”

“This is the healthiest I've probably been in I don't know how long,” he said.

The NBA legend and entrepreneur said he would “always be at the forefront of the HIV and AIDS fight. I love it.”