California Governor Jerry Brown is calling on lawmakers in Scotland to lead on the issue of gay marriage.

The Scottish government earlier this week confirmed it would announce on July 10 its decision on whether to move forward with legislation which would legalize gay marriage in the nation.

Brown, a Democrat who as state attorney general refused to defend Proposition 8, California's gay marriage ban, told the BBC that Scotland would benefit from looking at how the issue evolved in California.

“There was certainly opposition to same-sex marriage a decade ago, but very regularly this opposition has declined. So, I would say today maybe there is even a slight majority in favor of same-sex marriage,” he explained.

“Our job is not to give brilliant speeches only, but it is also to lead the people and get them to follow and so that is a matter where, each leader in each community, has to make their own decision,” Brown added.

The decision in Scotland comes more than half a year after it closed its public consultation on marriage equality, which generated over 50,000 responses.