A trailer for the upcoming film Hit and Run, which stars Dax Shepard and Bradley Cooper, points to a film obsessed with gay sex.

In the film, a former bank robber (played by Shepard) drops his Witness Protection Program identity to help his girlfriend (Kristen Bell) get to Los Angeles as his former gang and federal officials chase after them.

The film's obsession with sex, including gay sex, is highlighted in the film's trailer.

A running joke throughout the film appears to be Cooper's character getting raped in jail.

“I got butt f**ked. I got f**ked in the butt because of you,” Cooper's character angrily tells Shepard's.

“I'm really, really sorry. … Was it a black guy?”

“Why would you assume it was a black guy?”

“I'm saying if I was a black dude, I wouldn't feel the least bit gay about f**king a white guy. I would think of white guys like masculine chicks.”

In another scene, Shepard's character lists different races of men who could have raped his friend in jail, prompting Cooper's character to shout out, “I was buttf**ked by a Filipino dude. Okay!”

“Just like all black dudes think of us as women, I think of all Asians as women. You hooked up with an Asian lady.”

“Guess what, a cock in your ass doesn't feel like you're f**king a woman,” Cooper's character responds.

Also seen in the trailer is a male officer telling a female officer that he's checking his “Pouncer” app to see “where guys want to hook up.”

“For coffee or like ...”

“No, to f**k,” he responds. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Hit and Run arrives in theaters on August 24.