The group attempting to repeal Maryland's gay marriage law may have hit a financial rough patch.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the Maryland Marriage Alliance took in a scant $5,000 in the past month and owes $88,000 to various vendors, including $74,000 to a GOP lawmaker. Delegate Neil Parrott's signature gathering firm has yet to be paid. Another $5,000 is owed in legal fees.

However, the figures were collected from a disclosure report documenting fundraising and expenditures specific to the group's signature gathering efforts.

“The petition fund report is very different from fundraising for Maryland marriage,” said Dereck McCoy, the executive director of the Maryland Marriage Alliance.

McCoy said the group had received other large general purpose donations which have yet to be reported.

The group blocked the law from taking effect when it filed 115,000 voter signatures to the State Board of Elections to put the law up to a popular vote in November.

Marylanders for Marriage Equality, the group working to uphold the law, gleefully tweeted after a fundraiser on Tuesday: “Have you heard? We raised more today from MD citizens than our opponents have all month.”