A street preacher at Cleveland Pride used the case of Luka Rocco Magnotta to equate being gay with cannibalism.

Magnotta is the Canadian porn actor suspected of murdering his boyfriend. He was arrested earlier this month in Berlin. Police have extradited Magnotta to Canada, where he is expected to stand trial next year.

Kevin Deegan preached through a bullhorn at revelers making their way to Cleveland's annual festival.

“Why did Luka up in Canada eat his boyfriend?” Deegan rhetorically asked. “Why did Luka eat his boyfriend and then ship the body parts all over? What is it about sodomy and cannibalism? What is it about cannibalism and sodomy? Why are seven of the top ten mass murders sodomites and cannibals? John Wayne Gacy, he liked to eat his boys.”

“You're not fooling anybody. It's not about love. You hate God. … That's why you eat your boyfriends,” he added.

One girl shouted back in response: “I don't eat my boyfriend. I eat my girlfriend's pussy!” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

None of the top 10 mass murderers ranked by verifiable murder count and working alone were known to be gay and most targeted women or young girls. Gacy, who identified as bisexual, ranks 15 on the list, having killed 33 young men in the 70s. America's most prolific serial killer, Gary Ridgway, exclusively targeted female prostitutes. He is suspected of killing over 90 women.