Fred Karger, the openly gay GOP presidential candidate, appeared Thursday on the AFA-sponsored radio show of Bryan Fischer.

Karger will end his campaign on June 27th, the day after the Utah primary, and return to advocating for gay rights, in particular equal marriage rights in his home state of California.

Fischer, whose anti-gay rants are credited with forcing Richard Grenell to step down as a spokesman for presumed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, baited Karger during his radio appearance, but Karger kept his cool.

“But Fred, the Republican Party platform is officially pro-family,” Fischer said. “It supports the federal marriage amendment, marriage as [the] union of one man, one woman. There's an official statement in there that we believe children need to be raised by a mom and a dad.”

“I would throw out about 50 pages of” of the Party Platform, Karger responded, “to a nice short, concise 6 or 7 pages that welcomes people. I think that's an offense to so many people. … We should be as a minority party opening our doors to everyone who agrees with the basic principles of the Republican Party: smaller government, balancing the federal budget, entrepreneurship, personal empowerment, strong national defense, tough on law and order.”

Fischer also touted the recent study by Mark Regnerus which reported negative outcomes for the kids of gay parents. But by the author's own admission, only 2 of the study's 3,000 subjects reported having parents in a gay relationship for their entire childhood. About half of the parents categorized by Regnerus as gay had once been in a heterosexual marriage.

“I think the average person looking at this saying, 'I am not sure that it's a smart thing to put kids in same-sex households, maybe they really do belong, like the Republican Party officially says, in a home where they are raised by a mom and a dad who are married to each other,'” Fischer said.

“I just would argue that's a bogus study, it's been discredited in many circles. And you know how studies work. You can come up with a lot of different numbers and things. But I know personally and have met thousands of couples who are desperate for children.”

“There's a certain amount of emotional poverty in the life of a child who doesn't have both a mom and a dad feeding into their lives,” Fisher argued. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)