Gay porn star Erik Rhodes wrote that he felt “left out” and “alone” before his death last week at age 30.

News broke that the exclusive model for Falcon Studios was dead in a tweet from his own account: “Erik Rhodes has left us this morning at 5:30am his family and boyfriend Riccardo are in deep pain, please respect this sad moment.”

Rhodes too, it would seem, was also hurting before his death.

The New York Times reported that the 6-foot-4 258-pound performer died in his Manhattan apartment from a heart attack.

The paper also quotes Samuel Colt, a gay adult film star and a friend, as saying that Rhodes tested positive for HIV a few years ago.

According to Colt, Rhodes discovered he was positive when he went to shoot a scene for Randy Blue.

“They said, 'Your test results came back, and you're HIV positive,'” Colt told the paper, then added that Rhodes filmed a solo scene for Randy Blue that day.

Colt also said people would often criticize Rhodes for using steroids: “People faulted him for doing steroids, which was the thing that allowed him to be the ideal they wanted.”

Just weeks ago, Rhodes, who was known for his outgoing personality, posted online, “I feel so left out … so alone.”