Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is being vetted as a possible Mitt Romney vice presidential choice, sounds as if he could be open to gay marriage.

On Tuesday, Romney confirmed that Rubio is under consideration to be his running mate.

“Marco Rubio is being thoroughly vetted as part of our process,” the GOP presidential nominee told reporters.

In a wide-ranging interview with Christianity Today, Rubio, 41, a Catholic who as a child was baptized in the Mormon church and as an adult has experienced an evangelical church with his family, was asked his position on gay marriage. And while Rubio declared that he's personally opposed, he also added that it's about “what society should tolerate,” leaving a bit of wiggle room.

“In terms of the Bible's interpretation of marriage, what our faith teaches is pretty straightforward.

There's not much debate about that. The debate is about what society should tolerate, and what society should allow our laws to be. I believe marriage is a unique and specific institution that is the result of thousands of years of wisdom, which concluded that the ideal – not the only way but certainly the ideal – situation to raise children to become productive and healthy humans is in a home with a father and mother married to each other. Does that mean people who are not in that circumstance cannot be successful? Of course not.”

“It's not a discriminatory thing,” he added. “I'm not angry at anyone because of it, but I also have to be honest about what I believe marriage should be in our laws.”