Singer Katy Perry is proud of President Barack Obama's support for gay marriage and has suggested that she would go gay for fellow performer Rihanna.

Perry's previous hits I Kissed A Girl (and I liked it) and Ur So Gay raised eyebrows.

In a wide-ranging interview with Michigan gay weekly Between the Lines, Perry, 27, once again suggested that she could go gay under the right circumstances.

“You know, everybody's been asking me about the duet with Rihanna and when it's going to happen. I get that question every time I get interviewed. Obviously, we really want to do it and we want to do it in a big way, naturally; this [journalist] was doing this rapid fire of inappropriate questions of sexual things, and I just decided to throw her a curve ball. I do not discriminate against any beauty no matter what form it comes in, and Rihanna is gorgeous. I think that everybody would tap it if they could,” she told the paper.

On the issue of marriage, Perry said “It's everybody's individual experience.”

“I think you can be in love without walking down the aisle, or you can walk down the aisle and be in love, but everybody deserves that choice and I think that equality is very important. People ask me questions about the whole Obama thing and him coming out and saying it publicly, and I'm like, 'Well, I hope soon enough we'll look back and say to ourselves how ridiculous it was to think this way, just like it was during the Civil Rights Movement.' We're embarrassed. And it is completely embarrassing. We're a young country and we're developing slowly; we're not as cultured as the Europeans. But that's OK. We're gonna get there, and hopefully there will be more tolerance in the world very soon and we won't make the same mistake twice.”