Conservative radio host Glenn Beck has said he's creating a show to compete with the Fox musical-comedy Glee, which he has described as a “horrifying” liberal Trojan Horse.

Glee's numerous gay characters has earned it the nickname “The gayest show on television.” The show includes a gay male couple (played by Darren Criss and Chris Colfer), a lesbian couple (Naya Rivera and Heather Morris), a formerly closeted football player (Max Adler) and a transgender student (Alex Newell). Other secondary characters are also gay, such as Rachel Berry's (Lea Michele) two dads.

Beck last year launched GBTV, which he has described as a network further to the right of Fox News.

Speaking at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference on Friday, Beck relived a night in 2011 when he watched in “horror” at the high-production values of Glee.

“I mean, it's horrifying some of the things they are teaching high-schoolers. But it's brilliantly done. … And I said [to my wife], this was a year, year-and-a-half ago, we lose. There is no way to beat that.”

Beck called his conservative project “the Oedipus Project” because the music will be so good that “the left will be making out with [him].”