Joseph Backholm, chair of Preserve Marriage Washington, has accused gay marriage backers of “emotional manipulation” to win support, media watchdog reported.

Backholm and his supporters earlier this month turned in nearly 200,000 signatures to block a gay marriage law approved by Washington state lawmakers from taking effect. Referendum 74 will ask voters in November to either uphold or reject the law.

Appearing on The Janet Mefferd Show, Backholm accused proponents of marriage equality of relying on demonizing opponents and “emotional manipulation” to win support.

“The narrative on the other side of this issue has basically been, 'good people support redefining marriage, bad people don't; you're a good person, so join us.' So a bunch of people who – generally we consider ourselves to be kind and thoughtful and 'live and let live' kind of people, that's kind of the American way – and so by virtue of that people just migrate by default to where they perceive the people to be. Their narrative depends entirely upon that, so logical discussions about this subject rarely take place with those folks. But when they happen, the logic behind their argument really does tend to fall apart. It's also because that is what they depend on so heavily, it's why I'm supremely confident that in the long term we win this discussion because you can't rely on emotional manipulation forever,” he said.

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