Indiana Republicans have softened their stance against gay marriage.

The Indiana Republican Party over the weekend agreed to remove a 12-year-old mention from its state party platform which emphasized that marriage is between a man and a woman, The Indianapolis Star reported. Republican are now officially silent on the issue.

At the same time, Democrats are set to move closer to endorsing gay nuptials.

At their upcoming weekend state convention, Indiana Democrats will decide on a platform which for the first time says that the party “opposes amending the Indiana Constitution to define marriage.” Previously, the party's platform was silent on the issue.

Micah Clark, who heads the American Family Association (AFA) of Indiana, a group which supports passage of an amendment to the Indiana Constitution defining marriage as a heterosexual union, said the was disappointed by the GOP vote.

“That kind of caught me off guard,” he told the paper.

“It's unusual for a party to contradict their candidates at the top of the ticket,” Clark said, referring to Republican and Democratic gubernatorial candidates who both oppose gay marriage.

Republicans said they wanted their platform to emphasize economic issues.

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