Gay rights activist Zach Wahls has formed a new group to lobby the Boy Scouts of America to drop its ban on openly gay membership.

Wahls delivered a petition signed by 275,000 people calling on the group to reinstate Jennifer Tyrrell, the 32-year-old Ohio mom who in April was ousted as den leader of her son's Boy Scout troop because she is a lesbian. She launched the campaign to bring awareness of the Boy Scouts' policy banning openly gay scouts and leaders.

A resolution which would allow individual charter organizations to decide for themselves whether to accept openly gay members and leaders was introduced last week.

Spokesman Deron Smith, however, warned that the “introduction of a resolution does not indicate the organization is 'reviewing' a policy or signal a change in direction.”

Wahls, an Eagle Scout, has launched Scouts for Equality to lobby the group to approve the proposal.

In an interview with progressive blog Think Progress, Wahls said he did not believe the Boy Scouts' move was a public relations ploy.

“It's not a smokescreen,” he said. “This proposal was made after Jen Tyrrell's petition on So even though this has been brought up in the past, it's never gotten nearly the level of attention that it has today.”

Wahls said Scouts for Equality would be working with Eagle Scouts and former scout leader to promote passage of the resolution.

“[W]e're really going to work toward making this policy change,” he said. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)