Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey says she is thrilled with the marriage of her gay brother.

The wedding of Jamie Laurita and Rich Lane plays as the backdrop to Sunday's episode, which airs at 10PM on cabler Bravo.

“I was thrilled,” Manzo told of learning her brother was engaged. “Everybody wants to feel accepted, loved, at peace, at home in their life choices. It was great … for him and Rich to finally feel like their relationship is recognized.”

“We're positive about it. We embrace it.”

Dressed in matching white suits, the couple married in an outdoor ceremony last summer. In the episode, Manzo is seen telling the couple: “Rich, here I am, and I see the gift that you gave him. And this is my brother and I love him dearly, and you're my brother. And you're part of this family. Love and peace, forever and always.”

On gay marriage, Manzo told “I'd have any parade you'd want to have. I'd speak to any group you'd want to speak to because no one has any right to tell anyone who to love and how to love.”