Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has said the “gay world” goes against nature.

Speaking Thursday at a women's HIV/AIDS and gender rights conference in Harare, the 88-year-old Mugabe said homosexuality doesn't belong in Zimbabwe, the AP reported.

Mugabe told the crowd that male homosexuality violates women's rights because it denies their right to being mothers.

“Mothers were given the talent to bear children. That talent doesn't belong to men,” he said.

“When God created Adam … if Adam had desired a person like him it would not have made him any happier.”

“When a man says he wants to get married to another man, we in Zimbabwe don't accept it. We can't talk of women's rights at all if we go in that direction. It will lead to extinction.”

Mugabe was responding to earlier remarks by United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay, who arrived in Zimbabwe last Sunday and referenced laws which criminalize gay sex and silence supporters.

Mugabe has previously rejected calls to protect gay people in a constitution being drawn up under a power-sharing deal.

He once created an uproar when he called gay people “lower than pigs and dogs.”

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