While the number of places to celebrate gay nuptials continues to increase, most gay couples will need to travel to tie the knot. According to cheapflights.com, Washington D.C. earns top destination honors.

The travel site's top 10 gay wedding travel destinations include: Washington, D.C., USA; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Madrid, Spain; Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA; Stockholm, Sweden; Buenos Aires, Argentina; New York City, New York, USA; Reykjavik, Iceland; and Oslo, Norway.

Cheapflights.com said of first-place finisher Washington: “Although gay marriage was only first legalized in D.C. on December 18, 2009, America's capital has long possessed a large LGBT population. As such, America's capital has no dearth of gay-friendly neighborhoods and hotels for your wedding festivities. Imagine a rooftop reception with panoramic views of the city – you and your beloved a part of the history of America beginning to make good on its promise of 'equality and justice for all.”

Buenos Aires: “With a great deal of flair and style to be found on almost every corner, a culture that imbues even the mundane with great passion, and no shortage of great clubs and restaurants, your guests will not soon forget your 'I do' in Buenos Aires.”

New York City: “'Finally!' many thought when the great state of New York legalized gay marriage in July 2011. What better destination can you imagine for getting married and celebrating afterward? Imagine being high atop the city that never sleeps in any number of marvelous hotels, toasting your husband or wife and family? And when it's time to boogie down and celebrate, you've got the entire Big Apple to roam about in.”