Gay rights foes Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) and Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association (AFA) have condemned Target Corp. for selling t-shirts celebrating Gay Pride.

The rainbow-colored line of t-shirts went on sale earlier this week for $12.99 each. Up to $12,000 from the sale of the shirts will be donated to the Washington D.C.-based Family Equality Council, which supports gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender families.

Perkins reacted to the news in a radio bulletin, warning that if the retailer is looking to “resonate with Americans, they ought to try defending marriage.”

“Target's slogan is 'expect more,' and when it comes to their politics, Americans do,” Perkins told his audience. “Target promises to donate 100% of the profits to a national homosexual group – but they don't specify which one. … The company said it wanted to 'resonate beyond fashion.' But if they're looking to resonate with Americans, they ought to try defending marriage. According to voters, the country's still very opposed to redefining it.”

Wildmon blasted the move in an action alert urging members to boycott the retail chain: “Target is joining President Obama in ramming same-sex marriage down the throats of the American people.”

“Let [Chairman Gregg Steinhafel] know that a majority of Americans oppose same-sex marriage and are able to use their pocketbooks to voice their opposition to companies that support it.”