Comedian Wanda Sykes has said President Barack Obama's gay marriage nod has put her “over the moon.”

Sykes, who married her wife Alex in 2008 before passage of Proposition 8 in California, appeared on NBC's The Tonight Show.

“I'm over the moon,” Sykes told host Jay Leno. “And for a black person to say 'over the moon' that's big. We don't use that. But I'm over the moon. … I'm very excited. I'm so proud of him.”

“It's so funny, people think he did it for political reasons. How is this going to help him politically? At first they didn't think he was from America, right. They called him all kind of names; socialist. Now he's saying he's for same-sex marriage. You know there's someone saying, 'Ah, this is the last piece of my Antichrist puzzle.'”

Sykes went on to label Mitt Romney the Forest Gump of candidates for his eagerness to please everyone.

“I bet if you put Mitt Romney in front of a gay organization, he would go, 'Oh, I like gays. I'm all for gays.' He says whatever should be said in front of that organization.”

“He was in Michigan. 'I like cars. My wife has a car,” she said mimicking Romney with a flat voice. “He was in Wisconsin. 'Had myself a grilled cheese sandwich today. That was nice.' I would love to see him in front of NOW. 'Boy, women. I like women. You know my wife has a vagina. I like that.'” (Watch the segment at NBC.)