Two-time Olympian Johnny Weir has said his new male puppy is very straight, loves women and is “accurate like a Japanese man.”

Weir and husband Victor Voronov discussed with fashion glossy Vanity Fair how the coupe is adjusting to life with Tyoma, a Japanese Chin.

“He's white and blond,” Weir said. “He is very straight, he loves women, he loves when all of our girlfriends come over. He's got a really hairy chest, and he's learning to bark. He goes on the paper every single time – very clever, very clean and accurate like a Japanese man.”

On runs, Weir said, Tyoma wears a little bandana and Weir a sports bra.

The puppy is not allowed to sleep in the bed with the couple because Voronov does not like to be naked in front of the dog.

“It's like my child. It shouldn't see that,” Voronov said.

“We have a healthy sex life, so I don't want the dog to interfere with that,” added Weir, who recently returned to professional skating.