Chris Colfer, the openly gay actor who plays gay student Kurt Hummel on Glee, has said he's glad President Barack Obama is on the right side of history.

The 21-year-old Colfer told cabler HLN's Showbiz Tonight that he applauds Obama's recent announcement that he now supports marriage, as opposed to his previous stance of civil unions, for gay and lesbian couples.

“I was ecstatic [about] the president's announcement,” Colfer said. “I think right now people, like, they kind of have a choice to be on the wrong or the right side of history. And I'm glad he's on the right [side].”

Colfer added that he's proud of Glee's impact.

“We're really spoiled because we're on a show that really does so much for people who don't have anyone else to look up to or compare their lives to. I think Ellen [DeGeneres] really deserves the most credit because she's really the first person to get in there and change people's minds.” (Watch at CNN.)