Francois Hollande's stunning victory on Sunday over incumbent President Nicolas Sarkozy was also a nod for gay marriage in France.

For the first time in a generation, France will be led by a Socialist president. Hollande's win strikes a blow to the country's current austerity course. The president-elect has promised to boost spending at home and push European leaders to loosen the financial reigns of the Eurozone economy.

Polls also show Socialists possibly winning both houses of Parliament during a two-round election on June 10 and 17.

A Hollande administration backed by Socialist majorities would mean good news for supporters of France becoming the eleventh nation to legalize gay marriage.

While Sarkozy promised in 2007 to reform PACS, a form of domestic partnership which offers significantly fewer protections to gay and lesbian couples than marriage, into something closer to Britain's civil partnership, the law has not changed.

Hollande has said as president he would pursue legislation which would legalize marriage for gay couples.

As the campaigns closed in on the finish line, rumors surfaced that an increasingly desperate Sarkozy would reverse course to back marriage equality. However, Sarkozy remained steady, saying just last month that “For me, a family is a father and a mother, not two fathers or two mothers.”