Shannen Doherty, the star of the reality series Shannen Says, sums up America's foot-dragging on gay marriage with a single word: Ugh!

In a wide-ranging interview with The Huffington Post, the 41-year-old Doherty, who is best known for playing Brenda Walsh in Beverly Hills: 90210, said progress on the issue was too slow.

“I believe that we live in a free country – or at least we're supposed to be living in a free country. There are so many issues out there that contradict that statement. It's insane. Two men, two women should be able to get married. It's not about your sex, it's about love and commitment. No state has the right to tell someone, 'No, this is not legal in the eyes of the state.' That is the most ridiculous statement in the world when you then go and preach that this is a free country. That is mind boggling to me. And again, this takes me back to hate and judgment. I don't understand it. I am a Southern Baptist girl and I'm sure some people would cringe at my words but anyone can go and pick up the Bible where it says not to judge! It says that! And yet people are judging. And people saying gay marriage is not right and shouldn't be legal – that's a judgment. It's so frustrating because it feels to me like we take one step forward and two steps backwards all the time. We're supposedly this progressive country and I'd like to see where the progression is, personally. [Laughs] Ugh!”