Cabler National Geographic will air American Transgender on Tuesday, May 1 at 8PM.

The hour-long feature looks at the lives of three transgender people and their families.

The show's description reads: “American Transgender takes us firsthand into the daily lives of three individuals – Clair, Jim and Eli – who each identify with a different gender from the one in which they were born and raised. We witness their struggles and triumphs, and experience their hopes and fears. How do they manage at work, build their careers, maintain friendships, and nurture lasting, intimate partnerships? Each of the characters in the film tells their story in their own words as we follow them through life's daily battles and victories, both large and small.”

Eli Strong described his participation in the documentary as positive.

“I was able to have conversations with my family that I'd never been able to have,” Strong is quoted as saying on the National Center for Transgender Equality blog. “I was able to show how 'normal' my life is. It also gave me the opportunity to give voice to some of my own struggles, as well as some of those I've heard from my trans peers.”

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