Close to 200 people on Saturday held a protest against the century-old Costa Rican restaurant which kicked out a lesbian couple for sharing a kiss.

Last month, Paulina Torres and nine other female friends, including her girlfriend, were tossed out of the downtown San Jose restaurant Bar Chelles after two women in the group kissed, the Tico Times reported.

The protest was organized by the group Beso Diverso (Diverse Kiss), which stages events where gay and straight couples kiss in public in support of gay rights.

“We try to make a big event every time a local restaurant, bar or any kind of place discriminates against people because of their sexual orientation,” said Marisa Victoria, a coordinator for Beso Diverso.

Demonstrators rallied outside the restaurant, shouting, “To be different is not indecent,” and holding signs which told Bar Chelles to “kiss customers goodbye.”

Marjorie Blanco of Bar Chelles told the AFP that the women should not expect an apology.

“What they did is extremely forbidden, this is a decent place,” she said. “Apologies for nothing, if I see a pair of women kissing each other, then I'm telling them to go elsewhere. The Lord rebukes the devil.”