On May 5th at 8PM gay cabler Logo will premiere Legalize Gay, which looks at the next generation of gay rights advocates.

Advocates – gay and straight – featured in the film include Danny Sparks, Miss N.Y. Claire Buffie, Danniel Hernandez, Brian Sims, Jeshawna Wholley, Hudson Taylor, Ben Cohen and Zach Wahls.

Danny Sparks is the Parma, Ohio student who organized a campaign demanding the teaching of gay relationships in sex-education classes in his school district.

Brian Sims is the Philadelphia attorney who is poised to become Pennsylvania's first openly gay state representative.

Jeshawna Wholley's successful efforts to bring the first LGBT pride to an historically black college was honored by President Barack Obama.

Daniel Hernandez is the young aide who came to the rescue of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords after a shooting rampage in Arizona.

Zach Wahls is the son of a lesbian couple who made headlines speaking out against a proposed amendment to the Iowa Constitution which would ban gay marriage.

Miss New York Claire Buffie is the first contestant in Miss America's 90-year history to make LGBT equality her platform in the competition.

Ben Cohen, a former professional rugby player, started the Standup Foundation to combat anti-gay bullying.

Hudson Taylor is the Columbia University assistant wrestling coach who started Athlete Ally to fight homophobic speech in sports.

Director Christopher Hines' film takes a look at the people behind the movement. (A trailer for the documentary is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)