George Takei has criticized the Boy Scouts of America for “firing” den mother Jennifer Tyrrell because she's a lesbian.

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Takei, who married his husband Brad Altman in 2008, wrote about the controversy on his blog That Blog Is So Takei.

“I was a Boy Scout,” the Star Trek icon wrote. “Yes, I was a proud member of Troop 379, and to increase the geek factor, also a member of the troop drum and bugle corp, in which I played the bass bugle.”

“There are many wonderful qualities about being a scout, but there remains a long and ugly shadow across the organization, for the Boy Scouts of America – the largest youth organization in the country – continues to discriminate openly against LGBT people, both as members and as scout leaders.”

“Ms. Tyrrell had taken the troop to soup kitchens and on conservation projects at a local state park. She imbued in the scouts the core values of citizenship, compassion, respect, and responsibility,” he added. “But no matter: She was hounded out, merely because of who she is and who she loves. As a former scout, it is particularly distressing to see this rigid homophobia of the scout leadership exercised so callously in this day and age. While I respect the right of organizations to their beliefs, when the organization is as influential as the Boy Scouts, I am compelled to speak out – and I have just as much right to voice my opposition to bigotry and call for its end.”