Bryan Fischer on Monday criticized Mitt Romney for hiring openly gay spokesman Richard Grenell, media watchdog reported.

Grenell, the campaign announced on Wednesday, will server as the Romney campaign's national security and foreign policy spokesman.

On his AFA-sponsored radio show, Focal Point, Fischer suggested that the hire disqualified Romney as a conservative.

He began by asserting that homosexuals are about “short-lived relationships and frequent anonymous sexual encounters.”

“Now, whether Grenell indulges in that, I don't know. He's in this long-standing relationship, but I've had those who've come out of the gay community tell me personally, 'Look, when I was in the gay community … I had a partner and we told everybody we were monogamous but we had a deal that we could fool around on the side all we wanted to.'” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Later, Fischer called on Romney, a Mormon, to condemn gay sex if he wanted the evangelical vote.

“So, Mitt Romney's church teaches this conduct is considered sinful. … Governor Romney do you agree with the teachings of your church?”

“If you do, then what in the world are you doing hiring somebody to be a public representative on your behalf who has admitted to the entire world that he engaged in acts that you believe are offensive to God?”

“Now, if you don't agree with your church, then why should the evangelical community – why should the pro-family community – give you any support whatsoever?”