Bryan Fischer is the first social conservative to criticize Mitt Romney for hiring openly gay spokesman Richard Grenell.

Grenell will serve as the Romney campaign's national security and foreign policy spokesman, the campaign announced on Wednesday.

Grenell, who has been partnered to Matt Lashey for 10 years, served as the spokesman for the U.S. ambassador to the United States during the George W. Bush administration.

Fischer, who regularly lashes out against gay rights on his American Family Association-hosted radio program, Focal Point, knocked the hire in a message to his 1,272 followers on Twitter.

“Romney picks out & loud gay as a spokesman,” he tweeted. “If personnel is policy, his message to the pro-family community: drop dead.”

Grenell is also facing criticism over a series of tweets mocking Newt Gingrich's two previous marriages, his weight and his current wife Callista Gingrich.

On January 26, he messaged, “i wonder if newt has investments in Lipitor”; and on February 11, after the death of singer Whitney Houston: “it feels to me like Newt Gingrich is producing Whitney Houston media coverage. #Grandiose.”

On January 22, he tweeted, “what's higher? The number of jobs newt's created or the number of wives he's had?”

“Calista stands there like she is wife #1,” he jabbed on March 6. Seven days later, he added: “do you think callista's hair snaps on?”

Grenell apologized in a statement to

“my tweets were written to be tongue-in-cheek and humorous but I can now see how they can also be hurtful,” he said. “I didn't mean them that way and will remove them from twitter. I apologize for any hurt they caused.”