Kayla Weishuhn, the sister of Kenneth Weishuhn Jr., has said she believes her brother was bullied to death for being gay.

Kenneth, 14 of Primghar, Iowa, was found by his stepdad at 3AM Sunday in the garage. He had hanged himself. Friends and family paid their last respects on Wednesday evening.

Last month, the high school freshman had come out gay.

“There was a group made on Facebook, it was called People Against Gays,” Kayla said in a video posted on YouTube. “Well, all the sophomore guys had a problem with my brother being gay. Nobody else did. Well, I guess they did, but they kept it to themselves more or less. Well, one of the sophomore boys had made this hate group on Facebook. And on Facebook, I guess, sometimes how it works is when you add people it will join you and tell you get yourself out of it and so my brother went on that night, Saturday night, and saw that a lot of his friends had been added onto that and he didn't know. So, we're thinking that's what triggered him to do it.”

Officials at South O'Brien Community School have acknowledged that four sophomore boys bullied Kenneth at school last month.

Kenneth's mother, Jeannie Chambers, said she knew that her son was being bullied but added he had dismissed her concerns.

“When I talked to him, he blew it off like it wasn't a big deal,” Chambers told the Sioux City Journal.

Chambers added that Kenneth pleaded with her not to intervene over fears it would make matters worse.

Kayla, who described Kenneth as a beautiful person and her best friend, said she forgave her brother's detractors for calling him “queer” and “faggot,” then added, “but I won't ever let it go. I won't. And I'm going to push this as far as it can go. And I'll be sure that you get what's coming to you.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Kenneth was laid to rest Thursday morning.