North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis has predicted passage of a gay marriage ban, but added that it most likely won't last. Voters agree.

Voters will decide on Amendment One during North Carolina's May 8 primary. The constitutional amendment would bar the state from recognizing the relationships of gay and lesbian couples with marriage, civil unions and possibly domestic partnerships.

While speaking last month at North Carolina State, Tillis predicted passage of the amendment with a 54 percent majority and repeal within 20 years.

Tillis, a leading proponent of the amendment, told the students that he believes the next generation will repeal the amendment.

A Public Policy Polling survey put the prediction to the test, asking 975 North Carolina voters if they agreed.

When pollsters asked, “20 years from now, do you think gay marriage will be legal or illegal?” 45 percent said it would be legal, while 41 percent said it would remain illegal. Fourteen percent said they were not sure.