Darren Criss, who plays gay student Blaine on the Fox musical-comedy Glee, has said his onscreen romance with Kurt (Chris Colfer) is healthy.

Kurt and Blaine began dating during the show's second season. Before getting the guy, Kurt endured Blaine serenading a GAP employee on Valentine's Day and constant bullying from closeted student Dave Karofsky (played by Max Adler).

This season, their budding romance was taken to the next level in the recent episode titled The First Time.

In an interview with gay glossy Out, Criss described the couple's relationship as “healthy.”

“What will happen to Blaine and Kurt?” after graduation, Criss was asked.

“I think they'll be okay. They have a strong relationship. It's good, it's healthy. They've become a support system for each other,” he answered.

On working with Matt Bomer, who plays Blaine's brother, Cooper.

“We had a really great time, and he was easy to relate to. He was doing all of this hilarious stuff and it was hard for me not to laugh. He was great comedic relief, and I think you see the chemistry that we had in the episode. He is a great actor and I can honestly say I had a great time working with him,” Criss answered.

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