A boycott against Starbucks over its support for gay marriage is being exported overseas.

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the nation's most vociferous opponent of gay rights, last month launched its Dump Starbucks campaign on the same day the New Hampshire House rejected a bill widely promoted by NOM which would have repealed the state's 2-year-old gay marriage law.

While the group has collected over 30,800 digital signatures from people pledging to avoid Starbucks shops and its retail products, the figure pales in comparison to a 644,000-strong SumOfUs.org counter protest thanking the coffee giant for its support.

NOM said it would begin running its online ad campaign urging coffee drinkers not to patronize Starbucks in the Middle East, Indonesia and China.

“Obviously these are countries that Starbucks is in, but they're also countries that have very traditional views on marriage,” Thomas Peters, who blogs for NOM, told National Public Radio (NPR). “So we think that people in these countries should be aware that Starbucks isn't just coffee, it's coffee with an agenda.”

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