Author Anne Rice has wished “gay people of the world” a happy Easter.

Rice posted the wish on her Facebook page.

“Happy Easter, Gay People of the World: you have indeed risen in the last decades from centuries of persecution and oppression. May this be a great holiday for you all wherever you are. You are winning the battle for equal rights. And your victory over discrimination and hate is a victory for all oppressed persons. Happy Easter!” Rice wrote.

The egalitarian Rice also wished other groups, including children and women, a Happy Easter in separate posts.

Last February, Rice, who is best know for her Vampire Chronicles series, left the Roman Catholic church, saying the church's opposition to gay marriage pushed her out.

She told NPR that she felt an “intense pressure” when she learned of the church's pivotal involvement in supporting gay marriage bans.

While Rice has a gay son, she said that fact did not play a role in her decision.

“My experience with gay people long preceded Christopher coming out of the closet and becoming a gay novelist,” she said.

She also clarified in subsequent interviews that she was walking away from organized religion, not God.