Director Lee Hirsch on Thursday said his documentary film Bully would be released with a PG-13 rating after all.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) originally gave the film an R rating due to six expletives heard in the documentary, which is being distributed by The Weinstein Company.

To get a lower rating, Hirsch said he was forced to edit out three of the expletives, but a key scene in the film remained intact.

“I'm just glad that we held strong. I think this is a great resolution,” Hirsch told Reuters. “We are getting so much interest to see the film, and this makes it much easier for schools to get behind it.”

Bully looks at the lives of several victims of bullies, including 12-year-old Alex from Sioux City, Iowa and 16-year-old Kelby from Tuttle, Oklahoma. Kelby's ordeal began after she came out gay.

The film opened last weekend in Los Angeles and New York without a rating, leaving it up to theater owners to decide whether the film was suitable for younger viewers.

The fight for a lower rating was led by gay teen Katy Butler, who launched an online petition asking the MPAA to lower the film's rating so that the film's target audience could watch the film. More than 485,000 people signed onto the petition, including Ellen DeGeneres and 26 members of Congress.